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Family Systems

We all start out life out within a family system that we are born into. That system can be composed of blood relatives, adopted parents, or a foster family. It influences every aspect of our development from birth to adulthood and is where we learn our vocabulary, our habits, our values, etc… Our family system shows us how to view and observe the world around us. All family systems can be complicated and when there is ongoing and fundamental dysfunction those complications can be exasperated to the point of causing serious and even lifelong repercussions.

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Family Therapy in Phoenix, AZ  Agape Cou

When you are struggling with mental illness, PTSD, eating disorders, substance abuse, or sex addiction and come from a dysfunctional family system, life can feel like an unending spiral of disappointment and pain. Tension, anger, and resentment can become the norm and unfortunately what most people do is internalize it all and blame themselves. As your family therapist we  will help you to resolve the issues that are holding you back in life. Repairing negative family dynamics will undoubtedly strengthen your recovery. When these issues are not addressed they tend to create on-going patterns of dysfunctional relationships throughout life and can leave you feeling even more lost and hopeless. We have found that establishing the specific core issues that have lead you to where you are today can help you to finally move beyond it. Doing this work can help you to find and connect with your true authentic self, and most importantly provide you with a stronger foundation for recovery and healing.

Family therapy provides an opportunity to see first-hand how you and your family interact. We are able to help you to recognize unhealthy patterns, many you might not have even considered to be unhealthy. We will re-define ‘normal’ and learn to better communicate and enforce healthy boundaries as you move forward. Learning to empathize with each other’s experiences can create compassion where there once was resentment. We will establish new patterns that better serve you in all of your relationships throughout all phases of life.

Familiy Systems Therapy_Counseling  in P
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