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Individual Therapy

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Individual therapy is a joint process with one individual where we will establish therapeutic goals to work towards in order to inspire any needed change and/or to improve the client’s quality of life. Because each individual is unique, my therapy process is designed to meet your specific needs.

Couples Counseling

Couples_Relationship Counseling in Phoen

Couples counseling is a type of therapy for married couples or established partners who are  seeking  help and guidance in order to resolve specific challenges in their relationship or in how they are parenting their children.


Interventions in Phoenix, AZ  Agape Coun

An intervention is a compassionately orchestrated attempt, usually by family members and loved ones of someone struggling with a severe addiction, eating disorder, or mental illness, to agree to seek professional help.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy in Phoenix, AZ  Agape Cou

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can help families to improve communication and resolve conflicts. It can also serve to educate the family members of someone who is struggling with an addiction or mental illness on how to best support each other without enabling or avoiding.

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse_Addictions Therapy_Counseling  in Phoenix, AZ  Agape Counseling Service, S

Substance abuse counseling provides you with a safe space to openly talk about your struggles with addiction. It  also    provides you with the tools to identify and heal from the root causes surrounding your addiction, working to to finally free yourself from a life of addiction .



EMDR is a mind-body based intervention used to   help people recover from traumatic memories or difficult life events.  This neuroscience-based approach can be used remotely to assist in the activation and desensitization of traumatic and upsetting memories.

If you are struggling with feeling lost in your life, we    understand how difficult that can be. You might feel like you've done therapy and even trauma therapy before and question why this time will be any different. It's actually quite normal for people who are looking into therapy to teeter between "I'm fine, its not that bad" and "I need so much help I don't even know where to start." Perhaps this is the first time you've ever sought help and the fear of the unknown is swirling around you. Either way, it's scary to be vulnerable and we    get that. We are  here to help you see that it can also be one the most liberating endeavors of your life!

The therapeutic services we   offer are intended to provide you with the support you need to help you find your way towards a more fulfilling life. Even if you’re feeling lost now, we    will help guide you in making lasting, positive changes that can help you to:

  • No longer feel trapped by your past traumas

  • Discover how to love and care for yourself

  • Look forward to the future

  • Make peace with where you've been

  • Start to thrive in a world that no longer triggers you

  • Believe in yourself and trust your own emotions

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